Dr Carolina Gubert

Exploring the gut microbiome and gene-environment interactions in Huntington’s disease: Towards novel therapeutic approaches to delay disease onset and progression

RESEARCH DATE: 01/01/2019


Our laboratory has extensively contributed to our understanding of gene-environment interactions in Huntington’s disease (HD), including the beneficial effects of cognitive stimulation and physical activity. Environmental enrichment and exercise interventions mimics a stimulating lifestyle, which has been shown to positively impact different neurodegenerative conditions, including HD, where Anthony Hannan and colleagues made the original discoveries. These approaches have been able to ameliorate neurodegenerative phenotype, emotionality-related behaviours and cognitive effects in HD transgenic mice. We are interested in this project to understand the promising actions of these interventions on the differential gut microbial profile (microbiome) presented in HD mice, also previously discovered by the Hannan Laboratory at the Florey Institute. To achieve this goal, we use cognitive and behavioural tasks, as well as genetics, genomics and bioinformatics tools.  These results will be crucial to our understanding of the physiological role of these environmental interventions on gut microbial profile in HD, and will help us identify new therapeutic targets to delay onset and progression of this devastating disease.

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