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Huntington’s Victoria is the leading specialist service that supports individuals impacted by Huntington’s disease.

Our Team

  • Tammy Gardner

    Tammy joined Huntington’s Victoria in 2009 with over 19 years of work experience in the Health, Aged Care, Mental Health and Disability Service sectors across the metropolitan and regional context. She has volunteered her time to a number of Boards of Governance including ISIS Primary Care and was a recipient of the Centenary Medal of Federation in 2001 that recognises citizens who have made a contribution to Australian society. Tammy has a firm belief in providing best practice models of service delivery. Her work at Huntington’s Victoria focuses on building awareness of Huntington’s disease in order to reduce discrimination and injustice faced by those impacted by the disease. She is committed to meeting community needs through accessible services that are built upon on individual choice, engagement, independence and connection with their local community. Furthermore, through her leadership and extensive knowledge of the different service sectors, she continues to build awareness through parliamentary submissions and national and international conference presentations, continually promoting the rights of the Huntington’s community. 

  • Lauren Lieberthal
    Education Coordinator

  • Azena Maur
    Intake Coordinator

  • Mary-Anne Marcuccio
    Administration Coordinator

  • Ellie Duncum
    Fundraising and Events Administrator

  • Victoria Comport
    Case Worker

  • Maxine Milton
    Case Worker

  • Lesley Scukovic
    Case Worker

  • Nicola Klob
    Case Worker

  • Tina Parveris
    Case Worker

  • June Ng


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