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Huntington’s Victoria is the leading specialist service that supports individuals impacted by Huntington’s disease.

Our Service Commitment to You

What you can expect from us

Huntington's Victoria will:
  • Make it easy for you to contact us
  • Tell you about your rights and responsibilities
  • Arrange for an interpreter or other language service, if required
  • Be polite and respect your views, opinions and personal circumstances including culture, family situation, sexual orientation, disability or faith
  • Protect your personal information and only use it with your consent and right reasons
  • Tell you when you are not eligible for a service or if there is a waiting period
  • Provide you with advice on the supports and services that may be eligible for you
  • Give you opportunities to be involved in decision about the support and services you access
  • Tell you about any decision that affects you and the reasons for our decision'
  • Tell you how you can provide feedback about our service or how you can make a complaint

Your rights

As a client of Huntington’s Victoria, you have rights to:
  • Access health care and support services
  • Receive safe and high quality services
  • Be shown respect, dignity and consideration
  • Receive clear and open communication about services available to you
  • Particpate in decision making and choices about your supports and care
  • Privacy and confidentiality of personal information
  • Comment on services you receive and have your concerns addressed

Accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards until 15/07/2020