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Huntington’s Victoria is the leading specialist service that supports individuals impacted by Huntington’s disease.

Information Sheets

Basics of HD

A simple introduction to the cause, symptoms and who HD affects. 

Download Info sheet 1 - Basics of HD

Predictive Testing & Diagnosis 

An overview of the genetics behind HD and the difference between predictive testing and diagnosis of HD.

Download Info sheet 2 - Predictive testing & diagnosis 

Living well with HD

Tips on how you can manage the impact of HD by keeping body and mind healthy.

Download Info sheet 3 - Living well with Huntington's

HV Services

An overview of Huntington's Victoria's services and programs.

Download Info sheet 4 - HV Services

HD Specialists & clinics

List of HD specialists and clinics around Australia, information about specialist services and tips for making the most of doctors appointments.

Download Info sheet 5 - HD Specialists and Clinics

Examples of HD in everyday life

Specific examples that provide insight into how HD might affect someone's communication, thoughts and feelings in day-to-day life.  

Download Info sheet 6 - Examples of HD in everyday life

Talking to young people about HD

A guide for parents/older people on why, when and how to speak to children/young people about HD. 

Download Info sheet 7 - Talking to young people about HD

Thinking ahead: Useful tips

A list of tips to consider when planning for the future. 

Download Info sheet 8 - Thinking ahead: Useful tips

Supporting yourself as a carer

An overview of the role of carer and HD and simple strategies to maintain well-being as a carer. 

Download Info sheet 9 - Supporting yourself as a carer

Telling others about HD

A guide on what to consider before disclosing a family history of HD to others.

Download Info sheet 10 - Telling others about HD

Being young in a HD family

A simple guide for young people on the challenges of coming from a HD family and you can help yourself. 

Download Info sheet 11 - Being young in a HD family

Family planning options

An overview of the potential options for HD families/individuals who want to have children. 

Download Info sheet 12 - Family planning options

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