Hi I'm Lauren

If we can all be made aware of HD, we can all help work towards a future without it.

What is your involvement with HV?
I have been raising money and awareness for Huntington’s Victoria since a young age. All through my schooling I held fundraisers which included; casual clothes days, student vs teachers basketball match and I also had Tammy speak at my school assembly, about the importance of raising awareness about HV. I am also apart of the fundraising group ‘The Hunters,’ who have been fundraising for 11 years. I have ran in the Melbourne run for HD, attended four HV balls and been awarded with the young advocate award.

Why is raising awareness of HD important to you?
Raising awareness of Huntington’s Disease is very important to me because it is a horrible condition that greatly impacts on the families involved. I have witnessed this first hand and it is extremely heart breaking. We need our community to raise awareness and funds to help make a Huntington’s disease free future.

What’s your experience with HD?
In 2008, when I was only 8 years old, my Auntie Joanne passed away from Huntington’s Disease. My Auntie’s mum, sister and twin brother passed away from HD. After suffering for a few years prior, Auntie Joanne left us…we now carry on her name and legacy in fundraising and support other families who are impacted upon.