Health & Community Supports

Disability Supports

If you are currently receiving services and supports through NDIS or My Aged Care such as personal care, or even domestic activities (e.g. house cleaning, garden maintenance, meal preparation) then these services should continue unless you have decided otherwise.  However given the restrictions on leaving home, it is likely that any social support may be temporarily suspended.

If you have specific questions in relation to your services, it is best to contact the service providers directly or if you have a Support Coordinator through NDIS please contact them to discuss this further.

NDIS regularly updates their website on the response to coronavirus and how it could impact both participants and providers.   My Aged Care also provides information and support in response to Covid-19



Respite services are essential in supporting carers who are looking after our most vulnerable members of society, including those with HD.  Carer support agencies such as Carer’s Victoria continue to operate to provide essential services to carers which include:

  • Telephone advisory line
  • NDIS advisory service
  • Counselling (telephone and skype counselling)
  • Emergency respite

Carers Victoria are contactable on 1800 514 845

Carer Gateway is another service offering support for carers including support in accessing emergency respite on 1800 422 737 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Domestic Violence

If you or someone you know is at risk of, or are experiencing domestic or family violence please know that services and supports are still available to help keep you safe.  These services can explore your options to help improve your safety whether that means staying at home or arranging crisis accommodation.



Despite school closures in Victoria for term 2, childcare centres remain open. To support families as well as the centres that care for our children, the Government has introduced their Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package.  These payments will be made directly to the service to help ensure their survival and maintain their employees. These payments will be made until the end of 19/20 financial year. During this time, families will not be required to pay the gap fee.


Medical & Allied Health Support

Receiving medical support is 1 of the 4 reasons you can leave home. Therefore, GP clinics and hospitals all remain open.  Pathology services are also still open, however if you need to be tested for Covid-19 please note this needs to be done at a dedicated testing centre .

Whilst Allied health services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology etc) are all still considered essential services, many providers have selected to temporarily cease providing services or have modified the way in which they do so, such as through telehealth.

For our most at risk members of the community there are also options for you to access your necessary medication without needing to visit the pharmacy in person. One such scheme is called the Home Medicine Service. You can find out more about it here


Other Helpful Information

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