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Hope Dignity Awareness
Huntington’s Victoria is the leading specialist service that supports individuals impacted by Huntington’s disease.

Awareness Month

We are thrilled to launch our inaugural Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month during May 2018. During the campaign we are pleased to be joining forces with our global partners Huntington Society of Canada and the Huntington's Disease Society of America to maximise awareness of HD worldwide.



What you can do

Become a Huntington's Champion, run your own event

For the month of May we want as many people to become Huntington's Champions as possible. Host your own event within the local community and raise the profile of HD. You could have a morning tea, a casual clothes day at school or home, or even a take part in a fitness event! 

Run your own event Resources:

Start Conversations #LetsTalkAboutHD

Take to your favourite social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and start a converation about HD. An easy way to get this started is to update your profile picture using the first link below. How many people can you get talking about HD?

#LetsTalkAboutHD Resources:

 Light up a Building or Monument in Blue #LightItUp4HD

Join in the fun and let’s show the world what our global community can do!


1 Email with your suggestion. Please see this list for current buildings, monuments or statues that volunteers and staff are currently contacting. Email us the name of the site you want to contact, we will confirm and add your site to the list.

Contact the building, monument or statue; find information on their website; call or email them directly and ask what the process for a request of this nature would be. You can provide them with the #LightItUp4HD Information Sheet. 

3 Once the process is confirmed use the #LightItUp4HD Contact Letter Template, insert your information and email to your contact person. 
4 Wait for confirmation. This may take a little while so if you don't hear back in a week or so don't be shy, go ahead and contact them again! Make sure you keep us updated with your progress too. 
5 Official confirmation. Some buildings, monuments and statues will want official confirmation that Huntington's Victoria is supporting this campaign. That's no problem at all. Simply forward the request to and we'd be happy to confirm that you are working on our behalf. 

#LightItUp4HD Resources: