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50% chance
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to their children

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About Us

Huntington’s Victoria (HV) is a not-for profit organisation that was formed by several Huntington’s disease (HD) community members in 1973 to provide a safe, trusted space to receive support. Since this time, it has continued to evolve from a community-run entity into a professionally-run organisation. The community-focused collaborative nature of the organisation, in association with the complex nature of the disease, has inevitably led to Huntington’s Victoria being the first point of contact for those seeking support.

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Meet our Champions

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If we can all be made aware of HD, we can all help work towards a future without it.


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I’m very proud to be recognised for the work I do in the HD community.


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Being able to raise awareness as a Huntington's champion is very special to me, it makes me feel like I am making a small difference in this world.


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We need to do all we can to support people with HD and their families.


Your contribution goes directly back to improving the quality of life for those impacted by HD.

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