Info for Younger People

Huntington's disease (HD) is a family disease. It involves everyone in the family and affects family members in a ripple way. If someone in the family has HD, all other members, including grandparents, parents, siblings and their children are involved and their lives could change.

Younger people who have parents with HD have to come to terms with several issues in life including the facts that there is no current cure for HD, that HD can get progressively worse, and because of its genetic condition, HD can be passed on through generations, hence putting them at risk.

If you are among these younger people living with HD in the family, you might say that life is hard, confusing, exhausting, lonely and sad. These are all challenges and the experience should not all be negative. As you cope with Huntington's disease, you will gain strength and courage and will learn to face your life with love, acceptance, compassion and hope.

The following information can assist you in understanding HD and how to deal with associated challenges in the family.

What is HD?