HD Specialists and Clinics

Huntington’s disease specialists are medically trained as either neurologists or neuropsychiatrists. Unlike other practicing neurologists or neuropsychiatrists, HD specialists have both experience and expert knowledge of this condition. To be seen by a HD specialist you will need a referral from your GP or other neurologist/neuropsychiatrist who is currently overseeing your care.

What services do the specialists provide?

HD specialists run a number of public HD clinics throughout the year to enable clients the opportunity to be regularly reviewed and monitored by their specialist. HD specialists are key players in formulating and coordinating your multidisciplinary approach to care.

HD specialists are also actively involved in research pertaining to Huntington’s disease and are also involved in the Predictive Testing Program at the Murdoch Institute. HD specialists are also available to provide secondary consultation to other professionals such as your GP who monitor your day to day care.